Services and Solutions

we are here for you!

Our team is always at a phone call away when you need us most. With all of our industry knowledge and experience we are kitted out to assist your needs in all various ways from equipment repairs, venue servicing, project managing, consultation services and more.

Technical Crew and Operators

  • Bump In and Load out crew

  • Audio, Lighting and Video Operators

  • Stage Managers

  • General Labour Hands

  • Expo Crew

Servicing and Repairs

  • Equipment Cleaning

  • Repairs on damaged or broken equipment

  • Test and Tag to AS/NZS 3760 Standards


and retrofits

  • Retrofits of new infestructure

  • Upgrading of equipment and infestructure to the latest technology

  • Standadizing and uniformizing your venue.

Project Management and Consultation

  • Project management from top to bottom of events

  • Consultation for equipment and ecosystems