MPCN Coerpate AV Teams Enabled Instalation

Traditional AV space converted into a multi-purpose venue with Microsoft Teams Enabled hardware with wireless content sharing.

Just before the end of the 2021 financial year, Slim Productions was engaged to design a conferencing system for MPCN's large multipurpose room.

The scope required implementation of Microsoft Teams to keep up to date with the Post-Covid modern workplace and to have 2 PTZ cameras for the flexibility of presenting and streaming content for the various configurations the room was used for.

We ended up partnering up with Yealink with their Microsoft Teams Enabled room hardware as it met the requirements for the scope and offered additional features and expandability for the future.

The Yealink was the best and only solution to offer up multi-camera functionality within the clients budget with the ability to expand up to 8 cameras. This provided users with the ability to video conference "Teacher and Student" scenarios with online participants able to see both presenter and onsite room participants.

Yealink also had a great audio solution with their VCM38 ceiling-mounted microphones, we fitted 4 units throughout the room for audible communication regardless of where the person is positioned.

Teams call Demonstrating side by side dual camera on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams UI on the Yealink Touch Panel

Simple UI for changing camera layouts

Second PTZ camera for the presenter position