Equipment Hire

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The right gear for your event

Welcome to our hire department! We aim to have the widest array of stock to cater for all events large or small or as obscure as can be.


Lighting Control

We have both analoge and digital controllers in stock. In house we are an Elation ONYX system with both small and large consoles to suit any size event

Moving Head Fixtures

We have various moving heads spots from loved brands like Martin and Event Lighting.

LED and Incandecent Static Fixtures

From LED pars to bars and fresnels and par lighting, we have a wide array with quantity to back your show up.

Broadcast Lighting

When tempreture is key, we have broadcast lighting to suit your shoot with anti flicker gear and colour accurate fixtures.

Haze and Atmospheric Effects

From bubbles, smoke and haze, let your beams be seen!

Custom tailored for our customers

Custom lighting solutions that integrate into your set design or architectural design. contact us for more info!

Lighting BRANDS


Audio Consoles

Our diverse range of digital and analogue consoles allows us to cater for your budget and needs no matter how big or small.

Wired Microphones

We stock big brands like Shure, AKG and Rode wired mics for all vocal and instrumental uses.

Radio Microphones

Our stock of Sennheiser radio mics allows for portability and flexibility for your event.


Our JBL Stock with multiple sizes allows for different applications for monitors or PA systems.



Video Mixers

Our stock of Black Magic ATEM Mixers allows switching for multiple inputs with auxiliary ports for unlimitted options.


Sony's Alpha and Cinema family allows the best low light and image quality for the clearest image so you can be seen.


Our large stock of Samsung displays can ensure that your audience can see you no matter how far they are sitting from the action.

Streaming and Recording

We offer streaming solutions with 4G and local broadcast and recording no matter where you are so you can share and remember your event.



Still looking for the right gear? Email us as at as we are almost certain we can find something to suit your needs.